Five powerful tools.
All perfectly integrated.

In one single solution.
Content Management System
email Marketing
Web Analytics
Customer Relationship Management
Know Your Customer from Head to Toe

That's right, no need to program anything

How many Excel spreadsheets do you have with your client database? How about all those prospects that email you from your website? How many hours do you spend a month copying them to your Excel spreadsheet? And again from the spreadsheet to your email program to stay in touch with them?

Wouldn't it be great if you could automate all these tasks and focus on what you really like to do?

A powerful database at your reach
Spice Ink hosts a powerful database that is ready to use but at the same time is flexible enough to accommodate your special needs. Are you a doctor who needs to track your patient's profiles? Or a wedding planner that loves to send your clients a note on their anniversary? We make it possible with only a couple of clicks, and yes you guessed it: no programming skills required.

A real x-ray of all your clients and prospects
Every contact form or inquiry, every online order, every opened email campaign, your database will track everything for you and store everything in the same place.

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Spice Ink was exactly what I was looking for when starting my website. The content management system is easy to use and the support from Barbara is outstanding.

April Johansen
Jo Totes