Five powerful tools.
All perfectly integrated.

In one single solution.
Content Management System
email Marketing
Web Analytics
Customer Relationship Management

Spice Up Your Website

Introducing a new solution to help you create an online business, not just another website.


Integrated tools so you can manage your website, communicate with your clients, and track your success.


Easy. Period.


Manage Your Website

Easily add new products to your online store, add a new post to your blog or simply change the content of your website.


No need to install software or purchase servers or hosting. We will host the website so you can focus on your business.


Easy. (mmm, I've said that already, right?)


Capture Leads

Are you ready for the new era of online business? Receive instant notifications by email and/or SMS every time you have a new order or a new inquiry.


With our state-of-the-art online forms you can have effective calls to action and increase the number of relevant leads.


Don't lose another lead!

Know Your Customers

Your website will run a powerful database. And guess what?! No need to program anything. Your bullt-in database is ready to be used and customized to your needs.


And... it integrates with your online store, blog, online forms, etc. so you can track how visitors interact with your business.


Know your customer from head to toe.

Sell Online

Manage your products, catalogs, prices, shipping options and much, much more with just a few clicks.


No need for extra software. And your shopping cart will easily integrate with Paypal,, and many other.


Automatically sell products, manage your stock, and collect your payments.

Send Newsletters

Email marketing is known to be one of the most effective forms of marketing, so we have a special place for your campaigns.


Through your control panel you can send newsletters and email campaigns to targeted lists of customers saved in your built-in contact database.


Simple to stay in touch.

Get The Whole Picture

After you login we greet you with an instant executive insight of your business, tracked in 4 key metrics.


From there you can see detailed reports on your website, email marketing campaigns and e-commerce performance.


Useful data. User friendly dashboard.


Manage Your Website

Update the content of your website when you need it, as many times as you need it without hiring a designer or programmer.


That's true. No technical skills required and you can do it from anywhere.


Capture Leads

Receive email or SMS notifications every time someone sends you an inquiry or places an order in your website.


Capture (good!) leads and enjoy the time you will save.


Know Your Customers

Enjoy a comprehensive database that shows you how your users behave.


Are they opening or forwarding your newsletters? Are they clicking the links and going to your website to buy?


Sell Online

Sell online.

It's all said! Sell, sell, sell... :)


Manage your store, products, stock, shipping options, discounts and much more with just a few clicks.


Send Newsletters

Communicate with your clients, engage new ones and grow your business.


With email marketing you can send newsletters, online campaigns, or just a happy birthday note to your clients.


Get the Whole Picture

Spice Ink will host your website and enable YOU to manage it without a programmer.


And it's not all: forums, blogs, secure members areas and much more!

Recent Project
Epiphany MD


As a growing organization, we found Spice Ink's solution to be powerful and flexible enough to fit our needs. We are very pleased with the solution and on going support.

Sam Logan
Founding Editor
Southern Pulse

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